Every person is unique. You too. You just have to believe it, feel what makes you happy and do it. It´s easy:)


We do experiments in order to feel, observe, see, think, reflect...We´re looking unusual images, we open new doors of fantasy and enjoy the beauty through emotions and sensitivity. All this is possible with a simple T-shirt:)

Learning from nature and inspiring to create🌿

We create compositions from herbarium and conduct experiments🔎

It´s interesting to play with the light and color combining different texture, material, objects, even toys. And at some point to start feeling pleasant aromas through pictures:)

Yo can also experiment with the results of experimentsthe process of inventing never ends💡

By making various figures with hot glue, we can discover new shapes and images completely inexpectedly

Such a mussel similar to a fish is able to stir up the imagination to start playing...

...and creating 🐚

Experimenting with color, the color experiments with us:)😍🎨

We just need any box and complete freedom🏄‍♂️

After painting the box we look for interesting spots, imagine drawings, add images with a pencil and tell stories. Even the palette itself hides pictures:)

We compose songs, fairy tales, stories and we make funny books📚

We draw witch any object. Even with food🍉

Making buttons, we can see the designs for🧁☕️🎈

We fly to other planets in unusual spaceships🚀

We make handmade jewelry. Or whatever comes to mind💡

For example, a basket-bus for transporting the colored caramels of joy🍬

We draw using grattage technique, revealing a rainbow of colors🌈

We build houses of any shape and we fly to invented galaxies🌌

We draw and design music 🎧

We draw with anything in any fun and interesting technique. It´s available to children and adults who are also children🎈



Since childhood I loved to find pictures in spots and think out the image by drawing a line. The latter was taught to me by my first teacher and this game turned into a favorite. Over the years I have used this in my work with children. And then I wanted to collect my favorite techniques to develop imagination in the creative album "Fun Imagination" where I decided to do one experiment-to draw with smoothie🥦

The imagine has not borders. It is capable of discovering oneself and the other.